a· gen· cy: | ā – jən(t) – sē | A dynamic group that takes an active role to produce a specified effect.

e· lev· en: | i – lev – ən | The master number of personal awareness.


Our Mission

To build forward thinking teams and individual success through the arts, tech and the environment while contributing to our younger community.

Our History

Over the course of many years, a group of creative friends in Los Angeles built a network of cool colleagues and produced events so contagious, we couldn’t stop. Agency Eleven is the place where we continue to play, create and contribute in ways bigger than ourselves, through the arts, tech and the environment.

Who we are

Michele Deane

Michele Deane

Michele has a background in post-production television, film and the fashion and commercial photography industries. As a teen, she built her first computer and began coding in HTML. Inspired by ambitious young people and human resiliency, she took her experience to inner-city youth groups where she founded and administered many youth development programs as a nonprofit CEO for 15 years.

Today, Michele is a co-founder of eleveight, a HIPAA compliant, case management and social media network for students and entry level job seekers.

Michele is a graduate of California State University, Long Beach, and she lives in Los Angeles.

Tanya Folsom

Tanya Folsom
VP of Programs

Tanya has designed and delivered leadership development programs for over fifteen years and taught at prestigious private schools in Los Angeles and Santa Monica where she has developed and implemented both Regio and leadership curriculum for staff and students. She holds certifications from the Association of Challenge Course Technology and she is a graduate of Concordia University in Montreal, Canada.

Tanya lives in Venice Beach with her husband and daughter.

Scott Houston

Scott Houston

Scott has a background in local television and reporting, the manufacturing and printing industry, and civic involvement with El Segundo public works and environmental youth organizations such as the Tree Musketeers.

In 2014, Scott was elected to the Board of Directors of the West Basin Municipal Water District and he has traveled to Jerusalem as a state representative to help pilot innovative water programs in California.

Scott is a graduate of Michigan Technology University and he studied broadcast journalism at UCLA. He lives in El Segundo.

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